Friday, June 03, 2005


Been a bit since I posted. Things with Matt are going okay, good days and bad days. No more spats like the 2nd day when we talked about the rules. He mumbles his opinions about me and some of my decisions but that's to be expected. And every now and then I can hear what he says so it throws him off. But mostly he does his chores and what he's asked to.

Found a program that sounded good for him but it doesn't start until the 20th so I still need something until then. Two weeks after Dad leaves. But then Jon called yesterday and their plans may have changed. They may be heading home before they planned and stopping here on the way through. We'll have to see what goes down.

Got the log audit started finally. First pass is done now I need to verify that a systems primary service is being logged and such. Then a perl/oracle project again, one script isn't working quite right and I need to tweak it some more.

Had brunch last weekend and Liam had something which I caught. Seem to have a sinus infection now. Was getting a bit better yesterday but today it's not. Not sure if it's getting worse but definately more "productive" (more mucus, yech!).


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