Monday, May 16, 2005

So it's NOT your fault?

Lucas: "There Are Two Kinds of 'Star Wars' Fans"

So it's not that you made a sub par pair of movies with wicked cool special effects, a mostly awesome cast and a script many people wouldn't wipe their ass with ...?

I looked at your record, dude. Except for Indiana Jones (which Spielberg made good I suspect), American Graffitti and THX 1136, all you've ever done is Star Wars. You'd think that eventually you'd get it right.

You had one really cool idea at just the right time and you've milked it for billions. In several respects that's quite an accomplishment. Making all that money from one simple idea. Creating a whole genre which spawned so many movies and so many ideas (some of which were much better than anything you did). Giving a generation of youth a dream which spawned a whole lot of innovation and new ideas.

I can't read the article since it's bandwidth appears to be swamped, so I can't comment on what you told them. But the idea that you're a creative filmmaker who makes good movies? No. I don't think so. Too many bad things outweigh the (two) good ones.


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