Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Okay, which is more morally wrong? Raising taxes or cutting Medicaid to the poor?

I don't know the verbage but I do seem to recall the bible telling us we should help the poor and downtrodden. I don't recall anything about not raising taxes. (I don't want a tax hike any more than the next fellow but I'm not particularily disposed to the poor dying so I can avoid it)

A lot of states are now having problems in their budgets with Medicaid. Missouri apparently leads the pack with the size of their cuts (I refuse to say 'our'! I voted against Blunt). And working a minimum wage McDonald's job puts you above the new guideline's lower income limit so you aren't eligible anymore. Missouri's lower limit will be at the Federal minimum for the program. Nice!

And $600 million in cuts means we'll lose $380 million in Fed aid to the program, so the real lost is closer to a billion dollars. It's been said that Missouri is going to remain the "Show-Me" state and show other states what not to do. Wasn't it Mark Twain (a Missourian IIRC) who said that some people (states?) exist only to serve as a bad example?


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