Friday, May 06, 2005


Well word came out that the Army will discipline one general for the fiasco at Abu Ghraib. However it's the reserve general who was in command of the brigade to which the abusers unit belonged. She's getting demoted from Brigadier General back to Colonel and having a letter of reprimand filed in her official record. That will pretty much guarentee the end of her career.

While this isn't bad or wrong, she was in command and thus responsible for everything any of her soldiers did or do, I'm not sure it's sufficient. There was no information about whether she had ever been to Iraq while her units were deployed there. So how effective can she be from 2500 miles away? Granted she's responsible for their training and thus by extension any behavior which is deficient may be at least partially blamed on training, I don't think the three other general officers who were cleared could be held blameless. But then I was councilled before for taking too much heat for my soldiers.

I mean General Sanchez was in command of the theater at the time and he could conceiveably be held accountable for creating or maintaining a command environment which would allow this sort of incident to occur.

But then the upper echelons of the military are very definately an Old Boy network that takes care of itself. Kind of appalling really ...


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