Monday, April 25, 2005

It worked

Well Saturday after the brunch I talked to Jon who told me that to fix the bathroom shower door I should get some anchors and put them in. I went to Wal-Mart and got two sizes along with some epoxy. Something else came up so I didn't actually start working on it until Sunday however.

When I started working I found some adhesive & filler and used that instead. I broke out the drill and drilled the holes larger then put adhesive and stuck the anchors in. Then I got to wait for the adhesive to set. I waited until 11pm to put the screws back in and couldn't get the top one in because there was some sort of screw type socket up there instead of just a hole in the aluminum. But since it's not load bearing the other four screws should hold okay. It looks better and closes completely now but it doesn't seem to have slowed the leaking. I suspect I'll have to get a strip of sealing rubber to glue down there. More projects.

Maybe if I start making a list of projects and try to get one done every weekend I'll actually make some progress. Or at least (sometimes it seems this is more important to Americans) the illusion of progress.


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