Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New heights

The phrase "contempt of Congress" has always had another meaning for me based on the practices of modern politicians and their apparent unwillingness to have a spine, stand up for what they believe in (or even what they perceive we believe in) and take responsibility for their actions.

However now I'm even more appalled at them. To be fair it's not all of Congress that is doing what I finding unpalatible, just Mr. DeLay from Texas. Two of the Supreme Court Justices came to Congress obstensibly to discuss budget issues. During the course of these hearings DeLay attacked them for their "bad decisions" and even threatened impeachment (is that even possible??). It was (of course since the horse obviously isn't dead enough) over the Schiavo thing. And the fact that Congress passing legislation attempting to interfere in a court matter got overturned apparently bothered him so he decided to do some grandstanding.

From what I heard of how Justice Thomas responded, they handled it with aplomb and even encouragement, citing that this sort of debate ensured the health of the democratic system. Obviously they have a whole lot more class than DeLay. If I was from Texas or had voted for this bozo I'd be hideously embarrassed. And 7 of the 9 justices were appointed by Republican presidents!

neocon == moron;


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