Friday, April 08, 2005

Okay there's a reason

that some people have a job with their name on their shirt. And some people can't even do a job like that correctly.

Don't you hate it when you're in a rush to get lunch, go through a drive through and then don't realize you've interacted with one of these sorts of people until you get back to the office and discover that they munged your order.

I just got back from Hardees with my lunch. Except it's not my lunch since I didn't order a ham sandwich. However I'm in the Op Center all day today so I can't really take it back and make them fix it. And I could tell when I talked to her on the intercom that she's wasn't high speed, she didn't confirm my order twice like most of them do and she didn't ask me if I wanted to 'go large' with it (which I did, mainly for the bigger soda) or try to get me to buy whatever they current dessert of choice is. But she put my initial order in quickly and pushed 'enter' on it so it showed up on the screen. I could tell it was trouble when she told me I'd get my total at the window. I should have walked in like I usually do, especially at that Hardees.

My own fault for assuming competance before it had been proven. MUPO.


Blogger Jas said...

I firmly believe we need to round up all the stupid people, and mail them to canada.


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