Friday, April 08, 2005


A jumble of things in general.

Erik has me testing another piece of blog software. Not sure if it's intended for use by bengal users but we have one bozo who has the same stuff setup and one of it's scripts keeps driving the load up. If he doesn't get his head out we're gonna end up locking him down tight (hehehe).

Been writing some oracle type perl and ran into a problem with the results from a delete statement not being parsed properly. But it's || this close to being done. Of course that just means I get to rewrite some oracle php that the security group needs next ... :)

Did a chalk talk on some of the unix stuff. At the end of the month we're moving to a combined oncall schedule so there won't be the unix one and the windows one. Got to practice managing services on the test windows server. Ikram is setting up (as an exercise in installing linux I suspect) a unix test server for them to play with. Got to get hot and finish the 2nd of the next batch of chalk talk documentation. Prolly tomorrow while I'm in the Op Center.

Netflix is turning out to be pretty cool. Have "Fargo", "A Life Less Ordinary" and "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen" to watch this weekend. Oh, have to send out the brunch note too. brb

I tried to post this yesterday afternoon but was returning a "document contains no data" error every time I hit a button. Annoying but then they've got a lot of people blogging here. Of course if this is your business I'd expect you to be a bit better at it.

I'm still getting the error but if I hit the button a few times I finally get it to respond. I wonder what they changed that munged things?

I wonder if I'm going to be able to get this entry up since it's happening a lot more now that I try to publish.


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