Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Well I did it finally. Found NPR's website and searched for which stations it has here. Then this morning I switched the radio in the bathroom to it instead of listening to the commercials from exceptionally untalented marketing folks on BXR. It was a much calmer morning, I got in to work sooner and wasn't nearly as upset by people's moronic "driving" habits.

They had a piece about the RIAA and they're pursuit of file sharing software manufacturers. It struck me that they claim 2 billion dollars in lost revenue. Do they really think that the people doing this are going to fork over the cash for music and films to them if the illegal avenues are closed down? I'd say probably not, they'll go back to renting videos and copying them with 2 VHS players and borrowing CDs to make copies. So it will just become as difficult/tedious as it used to be rather than as easy as it is now. I don't think the problem will go away until we get some moral backbone into our society again and stop doing things that are illegal. (like that's ever going to happen) Of course if it didn't cost an arm and half a leg for movies or music then there wouldn't be as serious a problem either. But that means that rich people can't engage in as much profit taking and that'll never happen either.


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