Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's started

Well we got word (via the media rather than something through channels) that 60 million dollars of the University's budget would be withheld for three months. "It's yours but we can't give it to you now." Well that sounds like it's not ours. I hope I can keep my job! All these Republican promises about not cutting education funding actually mean squat. Figures. (which is not to say the Democrats would have been any better)

And Blunt is cutting money for programs to aid disabled students too.

It's all a clever plan. If people are less well educated then they may be more likely to believe propaganda which will keep a certain party in power longer. Clever. Very clever. (goes to get his tin foil beanie)


Anonymous Ryan said...

Do'h. That was one of the crazy things about working at MU. Yearly stress about "will we have a budget"... 'course that game has changed now :-)

Blogger banzai said...

Well we saw that when I was in the Army.

And I'd suppose that the business world will have similiar stress with a slightly different flavor.


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