Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hello? HELLO? Is this thing on?

I got a note back from a customer service rep at Subway. She apologized for offending me with their TV commercials. That sounds like she didn't even bother to read what I wrote since I was pretty clear that some of the TV spots were funny, some were lame but the RADIO ad was the stupid one. Never did I use the word "offend". She did say that they screened their ads before a target audience before approving them so I guess it's just my quirky perspective which makes me thing those are stupid. Everyone else must thing they're cute/funny.

The game last night was fantastic. Jack had us sit down on the couch for our 'group therapy' session and he portrayed the anal retentive touchy-feely 'case worker' perfectly. I wanted to pull his eyeballs out (me or just my portrayal of a 16 year old juvenile delinquint?). We did some bits from everyone's past so that we all knew how the others had erupted (become a nova, a mutant). Andy's was the village back in China 2,000 years ago (I was Pu Mok the village headman and blacksmith) and he did a great bit where he says something and moves his mouth after, like the dubbed HK kung fu flicks. Sharon's was at the mall and it was 'like, whateeever'. Jason's was pretty ooky. I was his dad and Sharon his mom and we were getting into it because she brought me lite beer home. Then Andy played the 'other Garland' and they talked it out.

Once we started playing again we were typical juvie kids, sneaking out of the cafeteria to go someplace we weren't supposed to. It got weird when we finally got into the basement and the guards there had all this high tech military gear. Into the final room and there was a pitch black deep pit. Turned out some other sort of mutant was in there and after an ooky negiotations between Francis (Andy) and him we let him out. Carnage (of course) ensued and we managed to escape the school.


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