Thursday, February 17, 2005

A blinker would be nice

Blogspot has popup comment windows now. I saw them on Erik's blog and I found the place to set them to on but I can't get them to work yet. Ah well.

I saw a few ads for LeAnn Rimes new show. I saw an ad with her on some site I was at yesterday. So I went out to find her official website (it seems like more musicians have them than actors). I discovered that she's only 22 and has been singing since she was 13. Impressive, she carried herself like she was much older, late 20s or mid 30s even. Now to listen to some of her music to see if I like it. I should also go get Toby Keith's album with "Beer For My Horses" on it.

Got the food processor at Wal-Mart last night. Got a splatter screen and a cheap sauce pan too although I've finally gotten notice that the good one (the pan) I ordered had shipped. Now if the new waffle iron would get here ... I did get a good stock pot with two strainers and a nice glass lid the other weekend. Don't think there's too many things I still need for the kitchen (besides cleaning out things I don't need or use). After I finish Alton's gear book I'll need to go through it and make a list so I know for sure.

Bush has nominated an Intelligence Chief now. Not much on the web about his record or positions but he's a career diplomat so that has a certain amount of "baggage" itself. Perhaps since he's not from Intelligence he won't have the predjudices which would make him ineffective in that slot. From what I read the various Intel agencies are even more parochial than East Coast Ivy League schools. Perhaps because they donate more than their fair share of graduates to the field. Wonder if they ever hear the definition of "cooperation" in school ...


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