Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jack's Gourmet

Well last week one of the email guys was selling lunches from this place to raise money for "Meals on Wheels". He made a persuasive case and I ordered two of them (since they were only $10 apiece). However they weren't delivered on Friday before I had to leave for Op Center duty so they went into the refridgerator.

Yesterday and today I tried them and I was not at all impressed. Box lunch sandwiches (which is to say "dry_bread + some_meat ne sandwich;" - 'ne' is perl for 'not equal to') with some sort of pretty bad pasta salad (they might try a bit more olive oil and some actual spices). The cookies were okay but not good enough to support the whole thing. Today's had a soggy sandwich I didn't even try to eat. The same bad pasta salad. But the fruit salad looked a little better (yesterday's had pretty much three pieces of melon and a whole lot of pineapple - okay but not much of a 'salad') but still not enough to support the whole thing.

So I've never eaten at Jack's Gourmet and now I never plan to. I should have just given the twenty bucks entirely to the charity instead. D'oh


Blogger Phil said...

Jack's food (in the restaurant) is actually pretty good.... those sandwiches sound terrible, though, so probably not a good move on their part.

Then again, for service and food, you can't beat C.C.'s.

You'll pay for it, though. But you'd pay at Jack's, too.


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