Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Other Things

I finished reading the first John Ringo book (which I'd read the fourth of a bit ago). It was what I expected, military sci-fi fluff. But it was pretty well done and the lingo was good, the action fast, the hero heroic, etc. There was one bit which made me want to play some of my computer wargames again ...

O'Neal: "What are we gonna do?"
Platoon: "DANCE SIR!"
O'Neal: "With who?"
Platoon: "THE DEVIL!"
O'Neal: "Are we gonna lead or are we gonna follow?"
Platoon: "WE'RE GONNA LEAD!"
O'Neal: "Damn Straight! Scouts out!"

It hits that same center of my brain that gets all tingly when I hear bagpipe music (especially "Gary Owen" - the theme song for the 7th Cavalry). Thankfully I'm too old, fat, tired and broken to go out and enlist again.

And why does the cover art never match what's in the novel? I realize the answer is that publishers just buy a mixed bag of art and then try to use it where they can. But still. On the last one there were two people, a man and a woman, in t-shirts and camo pants with Big Honkin' Guns. While the hero's wife was in the story it was only at the beginning and she was never fighting, hell, she had been in the freaking Navy.

On this one we see one of the Posleen (the bad guys) and they look approximately like they should. And there's a guy in big armor (which could be the armored combat suits in the story) but he's got a clear faceplate on his helmet and the previous story had distinctive mention of the fact that there was no faceplate on the armor and it wasn't clear.

At least the story is reasonably good (once you understand you're reading fluff).

Brand and I talked about my biscuits last night. He offered some suggestions and we talked about the chemistry. We'll see how they turn out tonight. I'm going to try to rub the butter into the flour more and put more flour on the wax paper in an effort to get a dough which is less sticky (yet still looks and tastes good).

I'm still working on the OS upgrade for snoopy. I got the php problem fixed late last week (the authentication problem got fixed early in the week). I took a look at the php error logs and figured out it was a kerberos htaccess problem (which I knew from our bengal apache upgrade a few months ago). After I fixed that it worked but now I realized that I hadn't put on the stuff for the pager gateway. So I'm installing the new version of that. We'll see how it goes.

I'm also working on a perl script to clean out our radius oracle table so it doesn't exceed it's table space every few months. I've never written anything which needed to connect to oracle so it's more learning. After this one I need to write one to automate the system imaging process somewhat.


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