Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Whoa! Excellent!

And they're giving a star to Keanu Reeves. Hell, they even admit in that article that he has no talent. While it's not as lame as the DiCapprio thing it does seem to illustrate a disturbing trend in Hollywood.

Of course I have enjoyed some of his films (which isn't to say that their good movies).


Blogger Logan said...

Keanu is known as one of the worst actors in Hollywood. Why does he keep getting so many movies? Reportedly he is one of the nicest earnest people you will ever meet. Everyone loves working with him.

Blogger banzai said...

While I can certainly admire being a good guy and treating people well in an environment where that's not the norm. And I can see getting some sort of recognition for that.

Why he doesn't try to become better at his craft though ...


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