Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I give up

I put my coat on. I saw Randy who had got some small thermometers and was putting them up on the walls. Apparently he thinks that if he can prove it's cold in here he can get someone to let us turn up the heat. I approve of his efforts but remain skeptical.

I hope this isn't me getting sick, I can feel the back of my throat and it feels a bit like it does just before I do get sick. My sinuses (forgive me for the image) draining into my throat, as nasty and unfun as that seems (believe me, it is as bad as it sounds when it hits). I don't need to get sick this week (any other week is fine) since I'm going with Erik and Mary to St. Louis on Thursday to get my book signed by Alton Brown. He's appearing for a book signing at a bookstore there. Since it will be in the late afternoon, early evening we're staying in a hotel and coming back on Friday.

Friday is the big premier of the new "SciFi Friday" on the SciFi channel. Last Friday was the premier of Battlestar Galactica and it was pretty good. It is kind of annoying when they show commercials for a new show during that very same show. That implies that someone somewhere isn't paying attention and (in my mind) knocks them down a notch as far as competency is concerned. There will also be the season opener for the two Stargate shows. Atlantis is going along well and they did a nice finale last season. But last night they showed a "Secrets Revealed" for Stargate which hinted that there will be some things long time fans won't like this season.

It sounds like someone is going to be killed again just to "shake things up". That doesn't sound good. Although I will admit that when they killed off Doctor Frasier, the episode was very well done. It doesn't make me any happier they killed off a character that had been there since the beginning, but at least they had a story to tell and did it well. We'll have to wait and see who the kill next and if they do it properly.


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