Friday, January 07, 2005

You're serious

Okay so this snow wasn't as serious as it let on initially. It's mostly gone but it is cold now. So winter is finally here.

This is the first Friday in three weeks that I've got Op Center again. We'll see how we can get the routine down. Driving to work isn't as bad now, I'm getting used to the new route. And the new cube is still pretty pristine, you can still see the surface of the desk. But this building is still freaking cold. A dramatic change after the basement of LSB where it was always sweltering in the winter and freezing in the summer.

Got a waffle maker for this weekend. And ordered a food processor. Didn't find the digital scale or instant-read thermometer I wanted to get. Alton's got a gear book out so I should see if I already got it and get one if not.


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