Monday, December 27, 2004

The Arena Formerly Known as "Paige"

The latest in this "saga" is funnier than the last chapter but a bit less ironic.

It seems when the arena was named a sign was made. "Paige Sports Arena". With the first two words on the top line and the last underneath. Well it seems that Paige Laurie wanted her name to be above all the other words and in larger letters. So they sold this sign to a guy in Kansas and had another made (wonderful use of the University's money, eh? Did I mention we're a land grant school and get funding from the state - taxpayer dollars?).

Leaving aside the issue of the later need for a new sign (when the arena was renamed), this fellow decided to sell the sign on ebay. Seems to make perfect sense to me, he owned it after all. However the University asked that he take it down. A spokesman from the Athletic Department said that the University still owned the letters. (that link is from the "Maneater", the student newspaper where journalism wannabes go when they can't get into the "finest program in the country")

Is this not a perfect representation of the intelligence of the Athletic program here? And University athletic programs in general? (for those who don't follow my sardonic sense of humor, that's irony I'm attempting there)


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