Tuesday, December 21, 2004

All moved

Well I got the last of my stuff moved yesterday after the occupant of my cube got their stuff moved.

Parking and Transportation was a lot easier than I'd feared it was going to be. However moving what I thought was those "last few things" proved to be annoying. Especially when I had a long flat Amazon.com box that snagged something as I was leaving and spilled all my cables and my plant onto the floor. Just when I was thinking that it hadn't been too hard. Karma, pure and simple!

We'll reserve judgement on the new place until they actually get us network connectivity. Phones I don't care about, no one calls me except my family and friends and they have the cell phone. There's no one on campus I want to hear from, just these pesky users ... ;-P

Bush is supporting Rumsfeld, trying to tell us he's all gruff on the outside and caring on the inside. However this doesn't get us any closer to the equipment the troops on the ground need ...

And the manufacturer has told the press that they can produce more vehicles if the Army wants them. So the conclusion is that the Army hasn't told them to. Which smacks very much of high level Army officers trying to curry (political?) favor with the civilians. And these kind of officers should be dropped (without body armor) into Fallujah with a rifle and told to find Allah.


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