Thursday, December 16, 2004


And one other thing I forgot on part 1 of the previous post.

It boggles the mind how bipolar Fox is. On the one hand they've had "The Simpsons" for years now. "Arrested Development" is great. "That 70s Show" is good (people who enjoy it more would call it great too). And there are bunches of great shows they canned which were awesome (demonstrating an incredible lack of vision) including "Firefly", "Futurama", ... I was going to list one that Erik and Mary loved but it's name escapes me.

On the other hand they've got to have had the worst of "reality" TV. Something about marrying off your father, your mother, a millionaire, fat people losing weight, fake millionaires and nearly endless piles of other drek.

The fact that such goodness and such badness can coexist in one place is irrefutable proof of the duality of the universe. Strange. Very strange.


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