Monday, December 06, 2004


Okay, I will admit that I'm not entirely unlike Ebeneezer (sp?). It's not that I don't have the Christmas spirit, it just seems that it comes a whole lot later for me than for everyone else. No, I didn't go out the day after Thanksgiving to shop. Shopping in crowded malls or stores just serves to piss me off and increase my blood pressure. However I had about half my Christmas shopping done already and finished most of the rest the next week.

And when I go to Phoenix to visit my family I get all teary eyed seeing how excited the kids are. But when it's just me I can't bring myself to get all cheery. Last Friday, for example, was the work Holiday events. A pot luck luncheon, a dessert contest and whatnot. However I have duty in the Op Center on Friday afternoons and have used that as justification for non-participation for a number of work events. Maybe it's like the line from Calvin and Hobbes, "It's not that I don't have common sense, I just choose to ignore it!".

But this year Tricia, Jon and the kids are going to Wisconsin to see her sister. We waited too long to try to get plane tickets so that turned out to be bust (even I can't afford $1400 for a Christmas gift). But I gave them some cash to drive and they're going. They'll drive straight from Phoenix to here, rest here for a bit and then straight to Milwaukee. I find if I think about it that I'm excited about the kids coming to the house. I don't think I'd have a tree this year if it weren't for their visit.

But most of what I'm doing lately is playing World of Warcraft. While I can't praise it unabashedly since there are some things I wish they'd done differently, it is still pretty damn impressive for a game like this. I've nearly stopped playing Galaxies, City of Heroes and EQ2 for this one (so it's a good thing that I've cancelled them). Now to just motivate myself to start with the workout machine again instead of running straight for the computer when I get home.


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