Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Okay here's the continuation of the list from yesterday. Not enough time and blog problems prevented me from adding to it yesterday.

Thanksgiving was a blast. I had Erik and Mary over (usually I go to their house) and they brought their computers so we could hook them up to my cable modem (they have a satellite internet connection which is often pretty laggy) and play Everquest 2. We played off and on Thursday as cooking dinner permitted. They left about 10 so I resumed playing World of Warcraft (see above for more on that). I only played until 1 or 1:30.

Friday they came over in the afternoon (I'd been playing WoW again and having a blast) to play some and then we went to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday (it fell on a Sunday last week but we deferred it until closer to payday so people could come). I recall a birthday thing there a few years ago having really good food and being very fun. So we had started going there again (I'd stopped because their food had gotten "I can make way better than this at home") for lunch and the occasional dinner. This time the food was only okay and the service was terrible. Making use of my dispensation to eat shrimp I got seafood alfredo and a shrimp scampi appetizer. They forgot the appetizer, there was no dressing on the salad and we constantly ran out of breadsticks. The alfredo was okay but the appetizer (when it finally got there after the main course) was very good. However I was mostly full so it's impact was considerably lessened. Everyone else got a good dessert but it slipped out that we were there for my birthday so they did one of those bad songs poorly sung and brought out a microwaved cake. It was okay but nothing close to the desserts. The overall verdict was "Great Company, So-so food, Good time" (instead of great time).

Saturday they came over in the afternoon to play again but they took their computers home around 9. So I went back to playing WoW and played all day Sunday. I got absolutely nothing accomplished but had a very nice weekend/holiday.

We played Vampire last night. I'm slowing getting back into the player mode after running Iron Kingdoms for so long. Jason also decided that we had too easy a time with any encounters we'd had to this point so he "took the gloves off". Sharon's character got almost put down but I saved her with a well timed blast from a MAC-10. When I send them my "lessons learned" email the phrase I plan on using is "the MAC-10 was awesome when I 'opened the throttle' but it only gets six gallons to the mile". (since most of my references like this are too obscure I mean that it puts out a lot of firepower but burns through it's magazine in like nothing flat)

The discussion before the game was the usual hotbed of liberalism (excepting Lorie who was raised republican but votes for issues) and Andy mentioned a folk singer who had redone "Blinded by the Light". The refrain was "Blinded by the Right, waiting for the bomb...". There was more which made it even funnier to us but I forget it right now. Let's see what googling it finds ...

Well I found a number of interesting things.
A chilling article about the future of our government (by a liberal obviously but it seems to make some sense)

and a book by an ex-conservative named David Brock

And finally the song lyrics by Daedalus
based on the song by Manfred Mann and Bruce Springsteen.

Okay more later. I'd thought of something else to blog while I was googling but now I can't remember it. D'oh!


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