Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Arena Formerly Known as "Paige"

Okay this will be a multipart story so those of you who live here and know what the deal was with the new stadium, skip ahead to the [Currently] tag.

[2 Years ago] (or so)
It seems that someone somewhere decided the the Hearnes Center was too small for the basketball team to use anymore. That initially struck me as bunk but I did a *little* research and found out that home basketball games were often sold out and a bigger venue might not be a bad thing for them.

So the Wallmart family (the Lauries) declared that they would donate 35 million dollars if the state would match the funds. I've no idea where they (the state) planned to take the money from but if they would have spent that much money on improving or building new high schools then perhaps Missouri wouldn't be toward the bottom of the list as far as education is concerned.

I did cheer when it failed to pass. I thought the issue was closed but I underestimated the "Good Ole Boys".

[Last year]
The issue came up again and this time the Lauries put a time limit on it. If the state wouldn't pass the bill to fund the new stadium by a certain date then they would withdraw their pledge.

So this time it passed and construction began. After it was finished the named it after Paige Laurie, the daughter of the man who donated all the money. Okay I can see this, you give me 35 million dollars you can call me whatever you want.

I had heard that some of our people (IAT Services) had to work on a project to get wireless networking installed so that the waiters in the reserved boxes could use handheld devices to take food and drink orders. Oh yea, this will vastly improve your education if you attend MU.

So last week ABCs 20/20 aired a story alleging that Paige Laurie, while attending USC, paid her roommate a total of $20,000 to do papers and other assignments for her. Not really surprising, a rich daughter paying her way through whatever she has to do. The family had no comment for quite a few days.

I found it incredibly ironic that the family who owns a company which is inclined to dictate our morals to us via marketing policies (Sheryl Crows self titled ablum in 96 had a song called "Love is a Good Thing" which had lyrics they didn't like so they banned it from their stores) now had a cheating scandal to their credit (along with all those unethical and questionable business tactics).

Now they're going to allow the University to rename the arena. Someone called in to the radio station (BRX) with that name suggestion.


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