Monday, November 22, 2004


Okay generally "twofers" are a good thing. Getting two for the price of one.

However I've noticed that they've (the ubiquitous "They", where did I put my piece on the "Central Directorate of They"?) started again putting two commercials on the radio from the same place (McDonald's seems to be notorious for this) on consequetively. Kind of annoying and implying that I didn't hear it the first time. So they'll play another one just to make sure I hear it and get annoyed (if not pissed).

But then I don't eat at McDonalds anyways so they're not really losing any business, just ensuring that I avoid it in the future!

Okay, this time I've got a few topics and I wrote them down so I won't forget! However I want each to get it's own title so I'll post them throughout the day.


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