Thursday, November 18, 2004


Some mornings when I drive to work it's nasty out (it's that time of year). Dark, gray, sometimes rainy but generally miserable.

Now my new car has "always-on" headlights so it's not a big deal for me. I always turn on my headlights on those days anyway. It makes it easier to see the instrument panel. But I wonder about those people who don't turn theirs on. It's usually not dark enough to need your lights to see with but I know that it makes you easier to see when they're on. I look in my rear view mirror and can tell when it's working, you can see the people behind you easily.

But those people who don't I wonder why they don't realize that your lights make you easier to see. Why they don't realize they're safer if people can see them, that it prevents accidents. Are they so self centered that they think it's only important for them to see other people and not vice versa? Are they so self involved that they don't think about what's going on around them and how it might hurt them if they're not careful? Are they so oblivious that they don't even think things out that far?



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