Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Well while I may feel like ranting and raving, that won't really produce anything positive so I'll make a few comments and then jump onto other topics.

* We may get a tax cut refund next year. It probably won't be very big but it will make people feel better (unless you're rich, then you'll like it a lot!).

* Since I'm not gay the ban on marriage won't directly affect me but I can't help but see it as a less tolerant move and wonder what will be banned next, science fiction books and movies? Anything that criticizes the government?

* Since I'm not a woman the ban on abortion won't directly affect me either but we can insert the same sort of comments here, what will be banned next?

Matt Blunt (R) got elected governor in Missouri. We'll see how a 33 year old with only a few jobs under his belt will do at it (I don't hold much hope but I don't ... well I was going to say I don't see what he could hurt but if he cuts funding for MU then he could well put me out of a job!).

Locally proposition one passed making medicinal use of marijuana legal. I voted for it since I thought it should be in the hands of the doctors. Since there's a drug which is much more effective (since it's more concentrated) I don't see it getting perscribed much but I'm not close to the issue.

Proposition three passed which mandates that the city make use of renewable energy sources to fill certain percentages of the city energy needs. I voted for that one also since it's only a matter of time before coal and oil deposits are exhausted.

Proposition two also passed. It's another one on marijuana use making it a local crime to be in possession of it rather than having it referred up to state level where the criminal could lose their federal financial aid if convicted. If you're worried about your financial aid then perhaps you should be studying instead of smoking pot! Eh? (so you can see I voted against it, thinking it a bad idea to encourage young people to break the law, even if I may disagree with the law)

Anyway the last Iron Kingdoms game was supposed to be tonight. We were going to go to my house, eat left over enchilada stack then go listen to a talk by the foremost Tolkien expert on the differences between the books and the films as far as the philosophical underpinnings are concerned. Then go back to my house and finish up the campaign.

Well Jason has the plague so he can't make it. We'll see what happens but we should be done with it soon.


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