Monday, October 25, 2004

Op Center again

I'm in the Op Center again this afternoon, this time because Ikram is out sick. So I can blog the stuff I meant to on Friday. Most of what pops into my head comes from listening to the radio in the morning while I get ready.

There a car dealer here, Perry Nissan, who has ads touting how they know there is lots of competition and they have to be better. I find it humorous. I bought a Nissan Sentra from them in 93. It lasted almost 10 years and quite a few miles. As long as the salesman I bought it from was still working there, they were very friendly and helpful. I recall one instance where I had to have some work done (a scheduled maintenance) and he arranged for a loaner. However once he quit and moved to a different dealership they had no clue who I was and the good treatment stopped abruptly. When the Nissan finally died and I was looking around for another one (after the motorcycle accident) I went there and looked at the new 240Zs. Nice car. Very fancy. I went to their website and I couldn't identify the purpose of any of the extra options you could get on it. Technobabble for adding another 5k to the price was my conclusion. At the dealership I got a salesman so slick I'm surprise it didn't run off onto the floor and cause us (Jeff was there with me) to slide across the showroom. "No, you can't pre-order with options you want blahblahblah". It seems that Nissan only produces a set number of them every year and you're stuck with whatever options the dealership asked for. Lame. Very Lame. Needless to say I didn't put up with that so I bought a Subaru WRX instead. So the ads I hear touting this place as your friend are humorous in the same way that Ashlee Simpson was caught lip synching on SNL this weekend (which is to say I shake my head and say "it figures").

More later (when I can remember the other three topics I was going to comment on).


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Yea, Perry Nissan, ... 'nuff said (Ryan)


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