Thursday, October 07, 2004

So who won this one?

I didn't see any of the VP debate the other night. However Andy had a humorous story. (I'm getting this 2nd hand so I can't vouch for it's validity)

It seems Cheney got a question about his comments concerning the link between Saddamm and Al Queda. He maintained that he never said anything about there being a connection between these two and directed people to "".

Well it seems that what he meant to do was direct people to instead. turned out to be some sort of web advertising company. When their traffic because of this pegged they redirected everything to George Soros's site. (not knowing who George Soros is I didn't get the irony here) That site got pegged and (kindly) redirected people to It also seems that if you go to there is nothing there in the first place which proves that Cheney didn't say anything about the link between Saddamm and Al Queda (double negative here).

My first thought was that Cheney had memory problems but someone's (this was at last night's game) pointed out that he's a very intelligent man. So the sole remaining two possibilities that I can bring to mind are that a) he thinks no one will check up on what he says (I can't believe anyone would be that niave, especially anyone in politics) or that b) he doesn't care if we can prove he's lying.

If I think too much about that it's going to disturb me even more than it does now!


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