Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"I take a sip, I feel it in my mouth, but there's no taste ..."

(that's from a Miller commercial)
Welcome to the world of American beer!

I find it vastly amusing that Miller is making fun of Budwieser this way since I find both of their main beers nearly undrinkable. Three years in Germany made me into a Beer Snob. (mmm hefewietzen)

But actually the American breweries have started making something other than their weak pilsner and some of them aren't too bad (given their origins). And there are any number of brew pubs in many places which make very nice beers. I'm particularily fond of the "Oil Change Stout" and the "Scottish Ale" at Flat Branch. Their "Green Chili Beer" is good too.

And, of course, we have to pay tribute to that fine drink, the "free beer". There is actually no such thing as a bad free beer since the two adjectives tend to cancel each other out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love a good unfiltered wheat, but my favorite winter drink is the brandywine you can pick up in February around there. Just tremendous stuff.



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