Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fence complete

Well I got over to Lowe's on Monday evening and got some landscaping stones. I blocked out all the likely looking places where she might crawl under and picked up the cardboard tube I'd been using in one place.

The game is tonight and while last week was fun and very social, we only actually played for about an hour and a half. So this week I'm ordering pizza from work to be delivered (if the timing works) just a bit after I wade through traffic and get home. We should be able to start sooner and play longer.

Monday on the way to work I was sitting at the light at Providence and Nifong in the turn lane. The light changed and I took off but there was a truck coming the other way speeding up so he could make the turn before we got out there and blocked him off. I can't fault him for this since it's often the way I drive. However he had a bed partially full of gravel and when he turned hard he sprayed us with it. I only found one spot where he dented my passenger side back door but the car is kinda dirty and it was hard to tell. Yet another example of people not thinking about what they're doing. I know that when I had 60 pounds of landscaping stones in my trunk I drove a bit more cautiously.


Blogger Mary said...

The have the stones you need at the peeling paint Walmart- they are .98 cents each.
BTW- Herr Kronke is letting that 'old' Walmart fall apart so he can get consensus to build yet another Super Walmart. Doesn't seem to matter that P&Z declined his request, our city council passed it anyway. I supposed we will see more bulldozers trees and more pollution in Hinkson Creek soon.

Blogger banzai said...

I already got some at Lowe's. I checked out that Wal Mart and couldn't find any that I liked.

Just what we need, even more traffic in that area so we have more people killed. (is this where someone says "... decrease the surplus population." in true Scrooge fashion?)

Blogger Booois said...

Man you people can have your big cities, I'll stick with my outta the way semi-country place. Not near the rat race or head aches. Banz which car got hit the pritty yeller one? UGH what was he thinking, dumbass. Hope your game went well

Blogger banzai said...

Yea that's the only one I have left. Being single no real reason to have more than one car if you have friends who have a pickup for when you need it.

The driver side rear door already has a red ding in it from some yahoo's door.


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