Friday, September 03, 2004

"The District"

That's what some sort of downtown merchant association is now calling some strange shaped area of downtown. "The District". Apparently businesses within this area had to redo their advertising, business cards, whatnot to reflect that as their location. I don't know that it's replaced their address, if so it might become difficult to find some of them, but since I find it incredibly pretentious and don't plan on patronizing those businesses I doubt I'll find out.

I mean if Columbia were a fair sized city (100k+ population) and there were other "zones" I could see having a "The District" since there would be some other section, like "The Hill" (the Italian section) in St. Louis. Or the "Riverfront". I guess I know too much math and know perfectly well that you can't divide something into one part!

More later, got Op Center today and it'll probably be slow.


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