Monday, August 16, 2004

Urrggg <scratch><scratch>

Well it was a good weekend mostly. Saturday I got up in time to pick up the chipper/shredder I'd reserved but Erik wasn't in such good shape (and we had planned on putting it in his pickup) so I rescheduled back 2 hours. Brand was ringing my doorbell as I came out to go over there so we got the paperwork squared away and then Erik arrived. Well it turned out to be a towed machine (a big honking sucker) which we hooked up. Breakfast at Broadway Diner then home to work.

We got all the small trees cut down and put into the sucker and it turned out to be a good thing we got such a big one. John and Becca came by to help me haul the old carpet to the dump and Erik reminded me that he wanted some of it to put in his garage workshop so they took one roll and all the padding. Woodsmall came by to do the mowing and I rented three films for the evening. The internet was still down (it had gone down Friday evening while I was playing Galaxies) so I watched "Kill Bill, Vol 2" and "Intolerable Cruelty". The 2nd Tarentino one wasn't as bloody as the first (which was a good thing) and the other was cute and pretty funny ("Your Exposed").

But Sunday I discovered that I'd been handling something I was allergic to, a rash all ofer my forearms. It's still here but not too bad. Watched "Lost in Translation" (a good film with a host of hidden meanings) and finally got the Xbow working to try Pirates of the Caribean. A fun game but my first mate killed me and my ship was sunk twice. The second time I'd done better and sunk one of theirs first. I did get some strap wrenches but couldn't get the shower head installed so I'll ask Erik for help tonight when he picks up the carpet.

Overall good, got a bunch of things done, but itchy as heck!


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