Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Warp 10, Mr. Sulu

Okay, it's not unexpected that I got pulled over yesterday for speeding again. Got a ticket this time but I felt most bad about the motorcycle cop since the heat index yesterday was over 100. Not much fun!

And then that evening when Lorie and I went shopping for a bedspread I left my wallet at Target. Thanks goodness the clerk put it up in the customer service area and I could get it back nearly immediately.

I finally called about getting my phone switched over and, of course, they tried to sell me more services and to get me sucked back into the Long Distance treadmill. Now I need to call the clinic and arrange for the blood work the doctor wants me to take so I can get my lipitor prescription refilled.

Oh, and I have a roommate now. Lorie knows this doctor who lives in St. Louis (with his family) who is here for a fellowship. He was living with a few frat boys but they bailed on him and he didn't want to sign another year lease when his fellowship is finished in three months. So she was looking for someone who wanted a roommate. While my house wasn't (and still isn't) in any condition (IMHO) to rent out a room, all he wanted was a place to put his bed, a shower and a washer/dryer to do his laundry. He spents most of his time at the hospital anyway. So I agreed. His name is Faris Al-Gabar (my spelling of his name is probably terrible), he's originally from Iraq but he's been in the US for 12 years so far. He seems smart and a hard worker (which it seems other doctors at the hospital take advantage of, he nearly kissed me when I got my computer reconnected to the internet and he could send an email he needed to send without going back to the hospital - where someone would dump 6 hours of work on him). Okay he didn't nearly kiss me but he was pretty happy about it!


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