Friday, July 16, 2004

Next Up ...

Tricia called me yesterday afternoon (she thought I'd forgotten Nick's birthday but it's been catch-up big time since I got back) and mentioned (among other things) that the pix here didn't work. What happened is that Ethan in the cube across from me showed me a nifty little tool to make a web based photo album. You add the pics to a list, add captions if you want, adjust display characteristics (including resizing them and making thumbnails), set a location (and since I have my bengal space samba mapped it could save them directly to the web), click a button and viola, instant photo album including navigation links. Pretty slick.

But in the process of it all the photos were moved to a "photo" folder so the link was broken. It's working again. I also played around with it a bit since Brand said we looked like the "Rough Riders". I'm having that one printed out and framed to give to him.


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