Thursday, July 15, 2004

Back from the mountains of the moon

At least that's what it felt like trying to breath the first day. But it evened out (meaning it didn't get any easier but we got used to it a little) and we had a blast. There are a bunch of pictures up on one of my sites but the best one is below.

From left to right is: Jason Werner, Aaron Sapp, Jack Holcomb, Jeff Barber (the groom), Chris (Jeff's cousin, I need to get his last name) and me. I'd like it noted that Jason was riding a horse named "Sleepy" and he had, in fact, had trouble getting up that morning. Arriving in Crested Butte at 0230 had nothing to do with it however! ;-P

I finished putting up some of the pictures. All of them will be restricted in distribution since I maintain my reputation as a good photog by junking the bad pictures so all anyone ever sees are the good ones!


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