Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Finally, it's all about me!"

I heard this on the radio this morning. It was an ad for a local bank. I understand their real message, "Don't settle for shoddy service, come to our bank and we'll take care of you" and I agree with it. We shouldn't give our money to companies who don't make an effort toward customer service and meeting our needs. But in our modern American society, do we really need to encourage people to be more self-centered? <raised_eyebrow>

Today I close on the house. I'll take my new toy (the digital camera) over there tonight and get some pix to post tomorrow. I was going to go by this morning on the way to work to get an outside shot but instinct is strong that early in the morning and I was already down the street in the wrong direction before I remembered.

Strange I'm not more stressed about going more than a hundred thousand dollars in debt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh... the thing is that it is the good kind of debit :-)


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