Thursday, June 10, 2004

There IS no "ah" in occasion!

Okay, however I expect local radio commercials to be lame by default. And I realize it's supposed to be a pun. But I get flowers, when I need them, from a place close to work and I doubt that commercial will cause me to change my florist. I do remember at least one of the three names though so it kinda worked (in reverse since I'll avoid that place in particular).

Mediacom FINALLY fixed whatever was wrong with my connection to the internet. I was back in Galaxies last night trying to catch up with everything I'd told people I'd do for them. So I didn't play Hordes of the Underdark at all although I still want to give it a run to find out how good the various prestige classes are. And I'll probably switch from Mediacom to someone/something else when I move since they didn't impress me much. There was a call on my answering machine telling me the connection was back, which was nice, but it doesn't entirely make up for the lack of information regarding the nature of the problem and their progress addressing it. I'm pretty sure that all of campus would be peeved as hell with us if we had a four day network outage and didn't tell them what the heck was going on.


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