Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A *Bicycle* helmet???

Driving to work today a guy pulled in front of me. I didn't quite curse him but once he was in my lane I saw why. There was a guy on a scooter putt-putting down the road (this is Providence so it's a four lane inter-city arterial). I got even with him and noticed that this was one of the ones who DOES wear a helmet on his scooter. A double-take revealed that it was a bicycle helmet with orange tinted ski goggles.

Now personally I think these people are on the very edge of insanely stupid (or stupidly insane?) since I don't trust people not to run into me when I'm in a bright yellow CAR much less riding on a scooter. And scooters also strike me as motorcycle wannabes. People who don't have enough money or moxie to get a bike. But then it doesn't hurt me any so more power to them. Until they get themselves killed by some guy talking on his cellphone while he was supposed to be driving.

I don't have any problem with people who want to engage in activities which are likely to kill them. I spend thirteen odd years of my life defending their right to kill themselves. However when they end up taking someone else with them, that's when I start objecting. And I don't think we should have legislation to prevent them from killing themselves. If they're so genetically deficient that they don't avoid deadly things then perhaps it's better for the race as a whole to let them do it. Hopefully before they pass on these genes to their young.

I finally saw Ryan and Tristin's house. It's very nice looking from the front and I'll try to get a pix to post somewhere but inside is fabulous. So I'm definately going to buy it. The price isn't bad, the master bedroom is nice (HUGE closet, you could put a rollaway bed in there), jacuzzi bathtub and shower, two other bedrooms (one with another big closet), kitchen with an island and a nice dinning room area plus a living room. Now I'll have to actually get furniture to put in there or it's going to seem empty.

Jack emailed me yesterday asking about our summer games and we're working on things so that we alternate between him running a Firefly game (YEA!!!!) and Jason running the "Fourth Age" game he did at the retreat (1930s where Tolkien was right, there are orcs and elves and such!). Plus we combining our small group (now that Aaron and Jeff left) with what's left of his group to make one of reasonable size.

Well more later.


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