Wednesday, May 26, 2004

"The District"? WTF???

Well I'm back in Missouri. Ugh! Sweat is already rolling off me and it's supposed to rain today. Much different than Phoenix where it was 20 or 30 degrees hotter but it didn't feel nearly so oppressive.

I heard another radio commercial this morning for the downtown area that "they're" trying to label "The District". It would be less pretentious if the city were big enough that there's some other named area. Like St. Louis with "The Hill" (the Italian section) and "The Landing" (the riverfront) and ... heck, I don't even know many of the other areas of St. Louis but at least the place is big enough it doesn't strike me as "putting on airs".

And I can't say I blame them for trying to revitalize the downtown shopping area, but parking is the first thing they should fix (and they may have with two "new" parking garages in the last few years but they're not well known since I don't even know when they were put up besides driving past them). But this whole thing smacks of over-inflated self-importance (I want to say "self-agrandizement" but I was never really sure what that term meant!) and pretentiousness. And while I like a restaurant with good food and a nice, relaxed atmosphere, those snooty places are annoying as h3ll. All this ad campaign is doing is making me avoid the place since voting with my legs and my dollars is the only way to get their attention (another email might not hurt). I wonder how annoyed some of the businesses are having to redo all their advertising.


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