Tuesday, May 11, 2004

PDA Problems

Well it looks like it might be giving up the ghost.

My Dell Axim X5 is having problems again. I use it mainly to keep my Exchange calendar and to beep at me when I have a meeting (I missed a meeting after lunch because of this problem). I also play bejeweled and rocketmania on it. But suddenly it would start mysteriously pulling down menus and picking options. Last time it did this I had to do a hard reboot and lose all my information. Not really a big deal except for installed software since everything is synced with Exchange. I get it working acceptably and that lasts for about three or four weeks now. Now it's happening again and a hard reboot doesn't stop strange screen problems.

There's nothing I can find in the FAQs and nothing helpful on the customer boards. Guess I need to submit an email and ask what to do about it. The PPC is more than 2 years old it seems since I can't find my order for it online and they claim to have 2 years order history available online. I wonder what the lifespan of these things is. If it's less than 2 years that sucks. It may be time to switch away from Dell if this is the way they handle customer support.


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