Thursday, May 06, 2004

Not MY Friend

Enough already!

I was going to watch "West Wing" last night but didn't get a chance to check the listings. Well they preempted it (big deal really) for some "Friends" special since tonight is the last episode ever (so what?). Sure it might have been interesting seeing the actors backgrounds and stories from the series and such but the horse has been dead for a few years now. They may think they're going out on top but that's only because they're competing with all that nauseating "reality television" (I have enough reality in my real life, I don't need to use my escapism time to watch more of it).

Then I hear on the radio this morning that of the "2 hour special" the first hour is highlights of the show. Big deal, if it's not scenes that I've seen already then it's things I didn't have the interest to watch in the first place. I'll tape it and go play Galaxies. Even as bad as that game gets sometimes it seems to still be echelons above most television.

I was going to write NBC an email and I had all these clever phrases lined up. "Enough already", "Competing with Fox for lamest network ever" (worst episode ever - hmm, ah, the comic book guy from "The Simpsons"), with the highlight being

"Could you BE any more overdramatic?".

However once I located the 'contact us' link on their site I discovered I don't even have the interest to complain to them. It's not like it would be read by anyone other than an intern and not shitcanned afterwards. It's not like it would actually matter or change anything. Modern American television is crap and it's going to continue to be crap with very little the viewer can do. Well except for finding more significant or enjoyable ways to use our time.

The link for today reminds me of Blue Planet and the orca that Brand played in our Marshal campaign.


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