Monday, April 19, 2004

Well it's over now.

Even more of a downer than we get after GenCon, since all the players were good players, all the games were fantastic and the food was way better. The accomodations weren't the best (kind of like GenCon), only one bathroom for 11 guys for three and a half days, and sleeping arrangements were apparently (upstairs anyway) tight and uncomfortable. Which means we won't be coming back to that particular place but the All-Star Gamer's retreat is definately a permanent fixture. Aaron drove in from Oklahoma and Jeff flew in from Colorado, so now it's "nationwide".

Dinner Thursday was very well received and I was told the next day that it gave everyone heartburn. Strangely that didn't stop Garrett from nearly finishing the leftovers! Aaron's modern crime game was fun. Located in Boonville it was a hoot every time Garrett yelled "Cooper County Sheriff! Open UP!". And only he was killed since he was on the way to becoming some sort of zombie vampire.

Friday was a slow start but we got moving (playing) at noon and Jason ran his "Fourth Age" game. I was the evil-one-trying-to-kill-everyone-else this time. I didn't actually manage to kill any of them (not for lack of trying to come up with a plot) but I did put off our rescue a bit. And then Jay healed me and I wasn't evil anymore. The only one killed this time was Jack when a burning zepplin fell on him. That evening Jeff ran Cthulhu and we were snowboarders making a video. He did his usual phenominal job and we were all "talking rider" the rest of the weekend. "Gnar Pow-Pow, Dude!" I haven't heard how Jay's Cthulhu game went except they all came in around 2:30 and they weren't finished.

Saturday got the same slow start but John made a marvelous breakfast with more buiscits that the British Army could eat, eggs, sausage gravy and potatoes. The kitchen was a whirlwind. That afternoon he ran a d20 Oriental Adventures game. I managed to get myself killed after we uncovered the plot by a poor choice of words when suggested we were trying to "rise above ourselves". A bit better rolling on my part and it might have been closer but I did nearly kill Jack. I haven't heard what happened in Andy's Midnight game but he has promised to run it for Jack, Jason and I since we played in John's game. We might talk him into letting Lorie play since she was one of the Midnight playtesters and is in out Sunday group.

Saturday night we played in Jay's Vampire game. I was wondering how he was going to balance things since Jeff, Garrett and I were playing 800 year old vampires while the other guys were playing ones much younger. It was the Gehenia book (the Vampire End Times) so the balancing worked itself out. I ended up getting killed by Jason with a particularily well thought out and executed plot. Jeff was naturally distraught and killed Jason. Jack had tried to kill us but had a bad roll. At the end of things Andy weaseled his way to salvation while Garrett, Jeff and Aaron were killed. I was (surprisingly) resurrected and some of the rest of them survived. Overall a fun game.

Sunday we packed up, talked about next year and came home. Tired but very happy.


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