Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I really do need to clean the house. Pick things up and either throw them out or find a place for them. Then vacuum everything (though I suspect the cat wouldn't much like that, the dog would find it a hoot). Everything seems so cluttered. But when I get home Galaxies calls to me, or the Kung Fu DVDs, or something. Where is all this self discipline I developed when I went to school at Kemper and kept while I was in the Army. Heck, when I was in the Guard they even called me a "PT nazi" when I was in the guard because I did push up and sit ups before we had lights out. All gone and now I'm an old, fat, broke nerd. Or is it geek? I can never keep those two straight since I'm probably both (for different reasons).

The water company called me twice in the last two weeks to tell me I might have a leak. It seems the first time the meter was moving while the reader was looking at it. Not good since he probaby came while I was at work (unless the cat has learned how to take a bath ... nah!). I wrote a note to the landlord and put it in with my check on Monday. He came over the next night, turned off the water to both toilets and that stopped the spinning. But now I have to turn it back on before I use them. Haven't forgotten yet but it would be bleh if I did. He's supposed to be back over tomorrow evening with parts.

I finally bought my plane ticket to go to Phoenix for Tricia's graduation. She and Jon are finally taking their honeymoon, two kids later, down to Jamaca. I'm staying behind with Dad to watch the kids. He apparently wants to (but he'll say it's for me) go to Disney World while they're gone. Might be interesting but I don't ever recall having a burning desire to go. Time with the kids should be fun though.

Matthew is having problems again though. He's turning into a hateful little boy (okay perhaps not so little since he's got to be 12 now). But what's more alarming is that he won't do his school work and can't apparently be reasoned with (which is my default mode and it seemed to work at least a little with Nicole). I've got no answers. And my suggestions probably won't work since they involve a "taste of the future" and letting him get into some serious trouble to show him what fate has in store for him if he doesn't straighten up. But his problems probably won't allow a situation like that to benefit him. Attention deficit disorder and some sort of anti-authority disorder. The whole thing with him makes me start to doubt (at least a little) my faith in nurture vs. nature. He seems to have gotten some really bad genes from his dad.

We can't seem to get the Star Wars d20 game rolling again. I was ready this week but Erik was sick and Ryan is still moving Grandma out to her new digs. I don't want to be Jay and never finish this thing even if enthusiasm does seem to be flagging. Iron Kingdoms should be finished in a few months. Wonder what we'll play after that. I could run something or we could have someone else. Andy probably won't have time with Law School but I don't know if Lorie has leanings in that direction. Guess I could run something. I want to play Stargate SG-1 but I don't see that happening. Maybe I should run it for them if I can talk them into playing. Perhaps Grimm or Spellslinger.


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