Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Okay, Monday night I went to the Gate after work. I'd seen Katie someplace and she told me they were having a Crimson Skies thing. I'd just finished reading the book and was thinking about playing more of the Xbox game. So I went to play a little even though it'd been about six months since I played any of the WizKids games.

Turns out Katie had taken an idea we joked around with last year at the local game convention and made it the theme of the tournament. Thus birthed the "Confederate Air Demolition Derby". Entrance to the squadron was contingent upon your ability to collide with another aircraft (it could be one of your own) and inflict a click (or more) of damage while not taking any yourself. The two of us are the founding members, she's president and I'm vice-president. And events dictated that the choice was wise since at one point in my first game one of Erik's planes (oh, I sucked him into this game now!) collided with two of mine. During the first collision determination I rolled snake-eyes (a serious collision which results in one of the planes being totally destroyed, locked together in a death-spiral). His plane survived so we rolled for the second collision. This time he rolled snake-eyes and my plane survived. Nice.


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