Friday, March 26, 2004

Well this is annoying.

I got into watching Stargate SG-1 after they stopped showing Trek twice in a row (all reruns of course) on channel 13 on Saturday evenings. They switched to X-Files, Voyager (which they started over again for the third time not including the original airing) then X-Files again. I had tried to watch X-Files but could never keep it straight or it never grabbed me and made me stay tuned (like it did so many other geeks). So I look around to see what else is on at 10:30 on Saturday evening. I find Stargate on channel 10 and watch for a couple of weeks.

It got me. Despite the fact that for the next eight weeks they showed all of three episodes, some of them two parters (which I didn't see half of since they never showed the 1st part the previous week or the 2nd part the next week). So I ordered the Season 1 dvds off Amazon. Then I really got sucked into it ("I have heard of a place where humans do battle in an arena filled with jello" - Teal'c). I ordered Season 2 not long after that. Then it was a race to remember to order the next season before I finished watching the latest one I had so that I wouldn't have any breaks.

I've got all the way up to Season 6 now. And I could tell that the episodes aired on Saturday evening were reruns. But then I see one three weeks ago that was need, not on any DVDs I had and I hadn't see it before. It even seemed to advance the plot line. I was all pumped thinking it was Season 7. But talking to Ryan and Blake earlier this week I come to realize that Season 7 is done, in the can and aired already. The season cliff-hanger is already done. So channel 10 must be showing only reruns. Sci Fi channel has it but when I got my cable modem and downsized my cable I got the "new and improved" package, which is to say that you pay less but you get squat. So I don't have Sci Fi channel.

And the last few days my cable modem has been slow and if it only dropped 30% of the packets it was a good day. I wonder if more people are on my cable trunk now and I have to share my bandwidth? I wonder if I can find out. I wonder if there's anyone at their tech support who might know the answer. I wonder if I shouldn't just junk Mediacom and go with a faster more reliable ISP and satellite TV.

Guess I'm off to Mediacom's site to see what I can find out. And I'll start tracking the times I've got a piss poor connection. Luckily I didn't sign any sort of contract (well I hope I didn't or that it's over now).


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