Monday, February 02, 2004

So, the Super Bowl is over, all the commercials are history (as unfunny as some of them are) and the hype is over until Valentine's Day. Why does it seem like the year is a series of deadlines? Continually I have to think about what's coming up next and what I need to do to get prepped for it. <sigh>


Galaxies is going the same. Mostly fun and when it isn't I stop playing for awhile. I'm running Erik's character, Wefaki J'org, now and making some clothes since he's a tailor. He can use the tissues I made as my character so it's kinda neat to see the whole process.

The guild/city underwent a change when the guys in charge decided they didn't want to be in charge anymore and they had to leave the guild in order to have a fresh start. I got nominated to be an "elder" much as I got made an officer in Manifest Ascension in EQ all those years ago. I found out pretty quick that I didn't much like the city management stuff (not even being mayor) but we're given up on our city and moved into someone elses.

I really should play a few other things since they're languishing on my shelf now. Crimson Skies is more viable since I came back from Jeff's. Between the two of us we got further in the single player game than I did by myself and it was pretty fun flying against him. I think on a big TV with four people it would be a blast. Heroes is still there and waiting for me to finish it. I got the latest expansion for Neverwinter Nights and Marlin is playing it online lately so I could try that. I dabbled in it for a weekend but it didn't grab me right away.

Other stuff

I got the DVD for Firefly and watched it, remembering how cool that show was. "Exciting new crime"! I want to have a "Firefly Night" some time so I can get more of us addicted to this show. They're supposedly working on a new movie (which hopefully will lead to a new show) since DVD sales were much higher than expected. And I found out that watching these without commercials is really nice. I order the first season of Stargate SG-1 since it seems like the channel here only owns (or rents?) about six episodes and I've seen all of them four times now that I watch every week.

I also ordered the Horatio Hornblower films from A&E. They should be fun after seeing "Master and Commander" in the theater.

Well that's enough for now. More later this week.


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