Thursday, September 04, 2003

Well it's been more than a week and it doesn't feel like it's slowed down.

Lots of machine still coming in to the Outpost (they still call it that even those University pundits reclaimed the prime location they had - I mean who wants to lug their computer ALL the way across campus instead of just to the middle of the place?) and no one to help the one tech there with them. But the easy ones are disappearing as we get them done and the strange ones or the ones with wierd problems are the mainstay now.

Galaxies still owns my soul. We have a factory put up and I'm churning out components to make droids like clockworks. In fact all the crew I play this with are shying away from the combat arms pretty much. Though Garrett and Brand have both declared for the Rebellion and I probably will this weekend.


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