Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well I've got installs again today. I had some on Saturday but the buildings I was in were all air conditioned so it wasn't as bad as it was on Thursday. We'll see what today brings. And I'm going off oncall today so I won't have to deal with everyone's emergencies!

(That's a reference to a book I once read written by a fellow who was a lieutenant in Vietnam. His take was that if someone wasn't rolling around on the ground bleeding it wasn't an emergency.)

A guy a few days ago was promised by the help desk that one of the sysadmins would be able to restore a folder he deleted. Our backups happen overnight so if things don't live on the system more than one day we can't help you. He (of course) created it and then accidentally deleted it on Friday evening. d'oh

And the Windows Gurus got a slick little script tweaked which allows the kids to innoculate themselves if they have the blaster worms as well as installing the RPC patch, turning on the personal firewall in XP and setting automatic update on so they won't have this happen again. Kudos to them.


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