Thursday, July 17, 2003

Well I got an email that said that KotOR shipped. Should get here tomorrow. Good thing I haven't read the hint book (well, much anyway, great looking graphics).

Tonight is the Fool's Errand adventure in between books one and two for the WitchFire game. Got to get my ideas down so I won't do anything wrong ... well I guess when you're the GM you can't really do anything wrong but I want my game to be cool with neat ideas and interesting situations. It spawns the best player reactions and those are what the stories are all about. We'll see how it goes.

Ever get into a mood where you want to wallow in self pity? I get that way very occasionally. Jeff's left and now it seems like everyone else is too busy to answer emails or calls. That dark little voice in my head that I listened to for way to long in my 20s is now telling me that they (who?) only hung around with me because Jeff is so cool (too true!) and I sort of came along with him (a goofy sidekick? well we KNEW that!). A few years ago this mood would have lasted more than a week. Now it lasted from wake up till about now. Wallowing is pretty exhausting and I guess (ha, guess??) I'm getting too old for it.


With KotOR coming it's getting exciting. GenCon is next week too! It's going to be a bummer that Jeff's not there but there's a big gang of Jay's friends from college (they get together at GenCon every year for the last few) who will be there and I have enough cell phone numbers I should have someone to pal around with. Bummer that Andy's not going but we can still play the "Is That Andy?" game (picking out people who resemble him). Two (or was it three) years ago Jeff, Brand and I got up to thirty-four by the end of the four days.

I've been playing more Camelot this week. Got my lurikeen enchanter (why do I always seem to play short guys in these games? in Everquest my main was a halfling druid) up to 26 now. Figure I'll get him to 27 then go on my class quest again. Started doing weaponcrafting and armorcrafting. Which only leaves alchemy and spellcrafting as trades I can't do at least a little. The Guild House is looking cool. One of our officers has been doing the whole "trophy" thing. I'm not sure of the details but you talk to someone (a taxidermist?) and then hunt some creature and bring back a bit it drops. He turns it into a stuffed creature that you can put in the den. We had a badger and a frog but he's apparently gotten something cooler looking than the badger so it was gone when I was there last.

I keep getting these cool ideas for games. The last one was an episodic Star Trek game. Kind of like the Brotherhood of the Wolf GURPs thing we have going. Players who could come frequently (and it would be a once a month thing probably) could play main characters (Chief Engineer, First Officer, etc.) while those who could only come sometimes would get smaller roles (remember Lieutenant Barkley from TNG?). But I want to PLAY!!! I'm already running the only two games I'm involved in now! <sigh>


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