Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I spent some time getting further along in my Star Wars d20 Campaign planning. We're just now getting to the really neat stuff I ginned up almost a year ago now for the campaign. It's set in the "Tales of the Jedi" period, four thousand years before the movies (an "unspoiled" era??). Just before the "Great Sith War". In fact, it's called "What did you do in the Great Sith War, Grandpa?" Of course that title makes certain assumptions about the characters actually surviving what I have planned for them (insert sinister DM laugh here).


Lorie is back from the war. It's strange how I felt listless and empty while she was gone. <g> She's all happy because her old roommate has finally finished moving out and her new roommate has arrived. Now they get to do a ton of moving furniture. Apparently that's nearly as good as shopping for shoes with some women.


Not much for the gaming this week. Star Wars d20 tonight and that's it unless I decide I want to play MechWarrior tomorrow night. Jeff's family is in town so most of the other stuff is on hold.

Not going to Origins since Jeff's not going. Strange that. He won't make GenCon either but there will be a crowd from here so there should be people I know there (besides the Fantasy Flight crowd).

Speaking of the Fantasy Flight crowd they have a new guy named Rob. He's been working on the Midnight stuff that Jeff has been writing. I really love what Jeff has been doing with the idea (Middle Earth a hundred years after Sauron wins). What was supposed to be a playtest for background material became the source for the third book in the series and a campaign book called "Crown of Shadows" (note: there was no crown in the stuff we ran whatsoever so don't ask me where it got it's name). Jeff submitted his stuff and Rob apparently wanted a bunch of changes which would have made it not what he wrote (and introduced lameness that was lacking in the original). So Jeff called him and they (apparently) negotiated a settlement, so to speak.

Well now that the book's out it seems that Rob ignored nearly everything Jeff said. Anyone who knows me knows how vociferiously I defend my friends when I feel they're being ill-treated. I wasn't quite ready to drive to Minnesota but I wasn't far off. I don't think I'll say anything to him (Rob) until after I read the book so I know how bad to lambast him!

Speaking of Minnesota, during our last WitchFire game one of them posed the question "With all the accents in the LotR movies, what would it have sounded like if the Elves had Minnesota accents?" <'sota accent on> "Ya, that ring you got, that's a bad one, eh?" I posted that comment to a mailing list I'm on and the response was "What if they sounded valley?" <shudder> I'm sure Greg can tell us some tales at GenCon.

I got the expansion to Neverwinter Nights. They put the standard DMG prestige classes (arcane archer, assassin, blackguard and shadowdancer) in and one new one (harper scout). Of course I have to try the archer and the shadowdancer so I've had to start over on characters. It's a long haul so I'm looking for a training mod or something. I tried two last night and they both handed my ranger his butt!


Last Friday Erik, Mary, Jess, one of her friends and I went to a "thing" the University Bookstore had to celebrate the release of the new Harry Potter book. There were some cute costumes but most of it was blase. Jess had fun though and that's really who it was for. We got 30% off the book price but I saw it the next day at Wal Mart for five dollars less!


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